Therapy at Home

I have muscle spasm on my left side of my back and have carpal tunnel syndrom since I can’t remember when because of my work, call center agent. I go to my therapist even after my hmo coverage and it is killing my pocket a lot! I came across this tens machine from Easy@Home and it looks the same as what they used in my doc’s office. It looks like a remote control and it came with 4 AAA batteries. The machine has a large LCD with blue backlight, you can view the settings from there like different pattern that you can apply for stimulation. It also came with 4 electrode pads. And the machine’s intensity controls are 2 knobs located on each side. There’s also a timer so you won’t overdo it. The touch screen panel of the machine is easy to control and you can lock it too so you won’t press other options while in use. The price is also affordable, this is a great investment! It came with its own manual too. Overall, I am 101% satisfied with this product and would recommend this to family and friends!

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