King of the Sticks

This is definitely a quality product. It comes with everything that you need and want which includes one selfie stick, wrist strap and user manual. It is very sturdy and yet light to carry. It is very easy to open up and close it. The build quality is top-notch. No external power is required. No batteries to charge.The camera button on the selfie stick makes a clicking sound when it is pressed and feels substantial.The stick adjusts out and locks in place at four different settings to give you maximum control to get the perfect shot. The simplicity to use is wonderful. Just put your device in the adjustable holder and plug the cord from the selfie stick into your device head phone jack, press the camera button on the selfie stick handle and enjoy your selfies. There is also a mirror so you can use your main camera and take better quality pictures. At only 9 inches when collapsed to its minimum length, this selfie stick is great for travel. When fully expanded, it is a tad over 3 feet long. Very impressive. Highly recommendable! I obtained this item for free in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. Regardless the opinions found herein are based on my experiences with this merchandise.

Get it here










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