iRulu Rocks!

This tablet comes with a very nice case that fits perfectly and is a nice quality case. The case is actually a keyboard case that hook the keyboard right to the tablet so you can use the touchscreen or the keyboard. The keyboard is also magnetic and stands up by the use of the foldable magnetic cover. Setting up the tablet is very simple. It is just like setting up your laptop or PC with the Windows operating system. You choose your user name, password, time zone and others. Then you can connect it to your wifi. The other tablets we have in our home all connect through our lower bandwidth WiFi but this IRULU tablet connected right to our high speed higher bandwidth modem so that was another HUGE plus for me. Once you get to the main screen where you see all of your goodies and it all looks exactly like your typical screen on your laptop except better. I obtained this item for free in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. Regardless the opinions found herein are based on my experiences with this merchandise.

Get it here










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