Awesome Dry Bag

This was exactly what I was looking for. Something that would keep my stuff dry and I could use as a day pack for any carries or portages. Easy to use and is not too small or too big for my needs. I commute to school and I normally put my laptop in a plastic bag because it does not fit in my round dry bags. But this one, it is a book bag for me with a laptop holder inside! The price is fantastic compared with others and its sturdy so you are getting more for your money. This is also well made, the stitchings are perfect, made of high quality materials! One thing’s for sure, when storm season rolls back around. This bag will be my emergency bag by the front door to throw on if we have to head to the storm shelter! . When we know bad weather is projectedI simply pack this up with the documents, gadgets and meds and things we need to keep but also those things that we have to keep dry if we’re running thru the rain!Great product! It arrived as how I expected it to be! Kudos to the seller for a job well done! I’d really recommend it to my family & friends!






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