Cover It Up!

My stepdaughter is nursing my 6 month old grandson and has a number of nursing covers of varying design. She has scarves, scarves that snap, larger scarves with holes to hang over the neck, muslin blankets, etc etc.

All of them, she says, have been lacking in convenience and function and though she carries them in her diaper bag, they rarely see use.

That said, she finds this cover to be the best of them all and in fact finds it easy to tote around and very convenient and effective. She says it gives total coverage and is large enough, that one doesn’t have to spend a lot of time arranging it to give privacy.

There’s a thin piece of flexible plastic sewn into the top hem that allows a mother to view her child as she nurses, so she still feels intimate with baby, whereas most nursing covers visually divide mother and child. The cover is nicely made and the stitching is of good quality. It’s also easy to pack it away, as it comes with its own little drawstring bag which contains it in a small space— so, great for the diaper bag or purse.

Overall, this is such an awesome cover and it is great for gift giving!





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