Bye Expensive K-cups!

The Freedom Brew reusable cups are fantastic if you want to brew a larger quality at once. It will allow you to brew 4 cups at one time. It also came with a single k-cup reusable brewer.,The reusable cups works with the K500, K300 and the K200 series. The reusable cups has a micromesh stainless steel filter that helps to reduce the amount of sediment in your coffee cup. The top lid has a silicone O-ring that works to keep the lid tightly closed as well as to keep the coffee grounds from escaping. The Freedom Brew cup is designed to allow the water to flow smoothly ensuring that you get a perfect cup of brewed coffee. The Freedom Brew can save you hundreds of dollars over a span of a few months. By using the reusable cup you can expect to save up to 80% by filling your own K-cups. You will find it is really easy to fill the Freedom brew cup and it take only a few seconds. When I brew a cup of coffee using a reusable cup I place about a heaping tablespoon of coffee into the filter. Then just place it into the brewer and select your brew preference. Pretty easy right! Of course the amount of coffee ground for a Carafe will be more. Just play around until you find what works for you. Though, do not overfill it the Freedom cup. Before using the Freedom cup for the first time you can wash it in soapy water and rinse well, but after that you can just dump the grounds out and rinse. I do wash mine at the end of the day, but then I use it to make about 12 cups a day. Let’s face it, k-cups are expensive compared to a bag of beans/coffee, so if you want to save, get your Freedom Brew cups by Coffee 2.0!





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