Strike A Pose!

As a self proclaimed “selfie” fanatic my life just got easier and more fun!! This cool gadget allows me to use bluetooth technology to snap a shot with a press of a button on the handle. This is also handy when there are several people I want to fit in or when I want to see way more of the scenery behind me. The stick and holder are super good quality and very well made. The handle has a nice grippy surface so it won’t slide in your hand and the holder is padded to protect your phone. Unlike the older versions of the selfie sticks, this Memory Journalist is so compact it fits in your pocket! Just fold the holder, put it in and you are good to go!Another really cool feature is that you can use it with a regular camera too in the timer mode, as long as it fits. It came charged and the directions on the back of the box were super easy so I was shooting great selfies in minutes! They also followed up with more tips and information in an email. I like how far it extends but then is very compact when ready to store. It comes with its own charging cable too. Now we can take pictures even when we’re eating and all that! This is an awesome deal, highly recommendable!

Get it here



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